Rugged Run

Rugged Run – Campsie Hills – Finglen Circular

This is a great route that will make you feel you are exploring a valley in the wilderness even though you are only 10 minutes from a MacDonald’s fast restaurant.

This route can be done either way but if you’ve not been here before then do it reverse to the way I did it. That way it’s easier to find the bridge over the river.

Start at Calhan of Campsie and take the road up past the Schoenstatt  nuns. Take the turn which says “walkers this way”. Walk until you reach the green gate and then come the path and walk along the wall past the stone house. Follow the rough path. It will lead to a small bridge.

On the other side follow the trees up the side of the valley. There is a pile of stones that make a great spot to admire the view. Keep heading up onto the top. From here you want to cut down into the valley to cross the river. The further you walk the less steep the valley becomes so walk as far as you need until you find a spot to come down.

Cross the river and follow the fence. It will rake you to the path that leads down the other side.

They say a picture paints a thousand word so a video must be billions of words! Watch the video and my description will make more sense but remember I’m doing it the opposite way. Play it backwards to see the route as described 🙂




Rating: 4 out of 5.

A tale of two half’s. The first half was much easier than the second.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

There’s a small car park in Clachan of Campise. You can park on the street if the car park is full. It can be busy on a nice day.


Rating: 1 out of 5.

None on the route

Nearest cafe

Rating: 5 out of 5.

There is a cafe at the start and end of the run.

Run Surface

50% track. 50% off road (mud, tall grasses and lots of heather)

Dog Friendly

No – the farmer who has the field at finglen has a sign requesting no dogs even if they are on leads.


452M of elevation.

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  1. This walk has been completely ruined by the hordes of selfish, litter dropping, Government restriction ignoring idiots now descending on this area. Stay at home-it’s not hard!


    • How do you know they are not local? Its a well advertised route in east Dunbartonshire walking forums and social media. I’ve met more people there from the local area (who had never been before but had seen it on facebook) than I have from Glasgow.

      I’d like to keep it all to myself too but considering how good the weather is and how little choice people have for routes then it is nor surprising that more people are visiting.


      • When ‘they’ confirm they’ve driven from xx area and you know they are with people from more households than the regulations allow, not much to suggest they are local.

        I note your response does not address the litter and contravention of lockdown.


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